Father of the bride speeches

"Dad, Just Don't Say Anything Embarrassing"

Does this sound familiar? Once your daughter says it, the pressure's on…what would your little girl think is embarrassing?

Do you get to tell about the time she was three years old and decided she was old enough that she couldn't go into the men's restroom anymore? Or when she was two and ran out of the house with no clothes on, to invite a friend to go swimming?

Things you thought were so cute and innocent could make the color drain from your daughter's face if you tell it in front of 200 wedding guests….so….

Where should you start? How do you know which stories to skip? Do you feel like you could use some professional guidance?

Here's the easy way to do it…

With pre-written wedding speeches that are basically fill-in-the-blanks. With Father of the Bride Instant Wedding Templates & Workbook,  the structure of the speech with all the basics is already written for you. Plus you'll be equipped with a workbook that will guide you step-by-step through your memories of the bride and other thoughts to give you the personal touches you need.

Or you could run it by the Mother-of-the-Bride and see what she thinks. Another opinion might be your best feedback to see if you've got it right….or if you need pre-written help.

Father of the Bride Speech Sample

Sample Father of the Bride speeches that will help you convey your pride and your love with humor and charm.

Good afternoon and thank you all for coming to Josephine and Jon’s special day. Standing here tonight making the father of the Bride speech makes me feel like a mosquito who has landed into a Nudist camp. All he could say was, I know what I have to do, but frankly I don’t know where to begin.

Although, I’m quite experienced in giving away daughters for marriage, this is really the very first time I have been asked to give a Father of the Bride Speech.

So I asked my friends...

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Father of the Bride Speeches and Toasts

The father of the bride speech is very important in a wedding. It signifies you letting go of your little girl and trusting her husband to provide and care for her for the rest of her life. Perhaps you are a father who does not know exactly what to say during your speech. In this article I will explain a few different things to say to make your speech the best it can be.

The first tip on writing your speech is to make sure you introduce yourself. Explain to everyone who you are, and make sure you give them a huge thank you for coming to the wedding. You could also throw in a humorous story...

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